Well Met by Jen Deluca

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It has been difficult for me to pick a book to talk about first.  I read so much and this summer has been chock full of amazing reads, so the conundrum I face is which one to talk about first. 

Cover Image courtesy of Penguin Random House.

However, there is one book that I just can’t stop talking and thinking about and that is Well Met by Jen DeLuca

This one had a very interesting hook (yes, pun intended – the author has said that Hook from the show Once Upon a Time was her inspiration for one of the main characters) – a romance backdropped in Renaissance Faire?  I mean, how could one not be intrigued by that? I mean, I’ve never been to a Renaissance Faire, but it’s more because of the hot temperatures when the Faire is here as opposed to a lack of interest on my part. And I can tell you – I WILL be attending one this year!  (Pictures, possibly in costume to be proudly displayed on this blog…)

OK, so a short synopsis (I hate writing these because publishing companies pay people a ton of money {not sure how much a ton is, but probably more than the nothing I’m making writing this blog} to write them professionally, but you have to know a bit about the plot before we can get into my thoughts):

After her sister, April, and her niece, Caitlyn, are involved in a serious car accident that leaves April temporarily immobile, Emily Parker moves in to help out.  When Caitlyn desperately wants to take part in the town’s annual Renaissance Faire, Emily gets drafted to participate right along with her. After an unfortunate run-in with one of the Faire’s organizers, Emily worries that she made a mistake but slowly warms to the other participants.  She eventually gets swept up in the Faire mania that grips the whole town and befriends several other cast members including Stacey, her co-tavern wench and Mitch, the kilt-wearing Scotman. There is one person she can’t stand and that’s Simon, the Faire organizer with whom she had the unfortunate run-in and whose persnickety attitude rubs her the wrong way, until she sees him in a new light (and in costume) as a pirate.  Will Emily be able to find herself and make a home within this quirky community?

This book is so cute!  I could not stop smiling while reading it and I can’t stop smiling while writing this or talking about it.  It had everything I could ask for: the adorable romance between Emily and Simon, a cast of quirky characters (who I hope will all get sequels), a sisterly bond and an independent bookstore and coffee shop.  This book is one big I LOVE YOU to Renaissance Faires, Shakespeare, hot pirates, kilts, and more seriously – the idea of being able to transform yourself into another character, starting over, and letting go.  

I also wanted to add that I read this book while watching “Great News” on Netflix (which if you haven’t watched and you love 30 Rock as I do, you need to watch this) and even though the author has stated that Simon’s character was based on Hook from Once Upon a Time, I really saw him as Adam Campbell with brown hair.  I know, weird right, but – those dimples. I could just see Simon with those dimples in my head. Sorry, Jen.  

Simon 1 or Simon 2?

You should totally run out and buy this book. I cannot wait until the next one!


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