Tweet Cute by Emma Lord

I know I haven’t been doing this blog for that long.  I don’t know you (yet – growth mindset) and who knows if anyone is really reading this (besides you, dad…) but this week has been rough.  Rough in that I can’t go to my amazing job, see my amazing students, and enjoy being with my community. It is hard. It is stressful. To all of you out there on the front lines, I cannot express my appreciation.  I hope that reading this will make you feel happy in a time when happiness seems a bit further away.

On that note, I’m going to focus on happy books.  I read lots of books and in fact just read one that is super serious that I actually really enjoyed and am reading another one right now that has all kinds of drama in it – but in a good way.  But, for right now, it seems too hard to actually write about any of them. Instead, let’s focus on the book I’ve been meaning to write about for month:

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord 

When I read the description of the book, I said to myself, “A rom-com that features a twitter battle over grilled cheese?  Um, hello. You are my jam!”

Basic plot line: Pepper Evans and Jack Campbell go to the same private school on the Upper East Side of New York City, but they could not be more different.  While Pepper, the overachiever, and Jack, the class clown, don’t really appear to have much in common, in fact, they do. Pepper’s family owns the 4th largest fast food chain in the US – Big League Burger – and Jack’s parent’s own a small deli -Girl Cheesing – in the East Village.   When it appears that Big League Burger has stolen the recipe for Girl Cheesing best-selling grilled cheese sandwich, a twitter battle ensues between the two teens – who have no idea they are tweeting at each other. Until they do. 

Hijinks ensue.  Some of the pranks they play on each other are so epic that (if you’re like me) you’ll be laughing out loud.  Pepper and Jack also deal with other normal stuff: parental pressure, college applications, sibling rivalries.  

In the end, this book was so freaking adorable that I did not know what to do with myself.  I have gone back to reread it a bunch of times. I enjoyed not only the rom-com plot, but the characters were also so sweet.  

The only thing missing from this book are the recipes!  Yes, not only do they make a killer grilled cheese (which I have tried to duplicate at home with little success) but Pepper has a baking blog (that she writes with her sister) where they make such confections as Monster Cake, So Sorry Blondies, Sex Positive Brownies.  I needed recipes for them all.

Luckily, Emma Lord has anticipated our needs and given us a delightful surprise.  She *did* post on her blog the recipe for Monster Cake.  Click here to get her recipe.  I am not a very great baker. Did that stop me? Oh, no!

Oh yes. I made Monster Cake!  And it was gooey. And rich. And I couldn’t eat more than one bite without a glass of milk.  Luckily, I am the faculty adviser for our High School’s Baking Club and I brought the cake in for them, which they devoured.  Just last meeting they’ve asked me to make it again. Who would have thought?

My Monster Cake – frosted and unfrosted

This book was so cute. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Especially if you are looking for light-hearted pick me up.


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