My First Giveaway!

To say thank you to all of you amazing readers and followers, I have figured out how to do a giveaway! I’m going to send you “stuff” from my house. Sugar packets, unused chopsticks, plastic grocery bags, Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons, etc.

JUST KIDDING! Instead, I will send five (5) lucky readers/followers a BOOK! You heard right, each winner will get one (1) book from the books I’ve reviewed for your own personal library. Is there one I’ve reviewed that you’ve been hankering for? Well, here’s your chance! As one of the lucky five, I will ship the book of your choice to you straight from Just fill out the form below and I will randomly select five (5) winners.

How can you qualify? Follow the blog. You can either use your WordPress username to follow or sign up to receive blog updates through your email.

Fine print: One (1) entry per username, must be a US resident (sorry I can’t ship overseas right now). Enter by Friday, August 14 at midnight EST. I will follow up with the winners to get contact information and the title of the book you want!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support!!

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