My First Giveaway!

To say thank you to all of you amazing readers and followers, I have figured out how to do a giveaway! I'm going to send you "stuff" from my house. Sugar packets, unused chopsticks, plastic grocery bags, Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons, etc. JUST KIDDING! Instead, I will send five (5) lucky readers/followers a BOOK! … Continue reading My First Giveaway!

50 Followers! Thank You!

I'm taking a short break from writing reviews for an important message! After my last post, I reached an important milestone - 50 followers of the Book Love Blog! Let me just say - thank you! Thank you, my amazing readers. From the bottom of my heart. I really cannot tell you how much this … Continue reading 50 Followers! Thank You!

Taking a moment to discuss some hard things

I was really looking forward to sharing a new post today.  A post dedicated to another one of my Bookish Travels.  However, given the current political climate, I felt that it was inappropriate for me to do so.  Instead I’m going to stop, take a breath, and talk (write) about some hard things. When I … Continue reading Taking a moment to discuss some hard things

So I’ve Been Convinced to Start a Blog

Hi!  I’m Cheryl.  I’m here because I am a book nerd.  A serious, no-fooling, un-embarrassed book nerd.  I want to share that nerdiness with you. If you’re reading this blog, you probably know me in real life, but on the off chance that you don’t, let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m currently … Continue reading So I’ve Been Convinced to Start a Blog