Bookish Travels: Dreaming of Japan

So normally at this point in the year, I have already arranged my summer vacation.  As a school librarian, I have limited time off during the year and I must fit my expansive travel desires into a definite period of time. This year, well, this year stinks.  I can’t even really plan anything when my … Continue reading Bookish Travels: Dreaming of Japan

The Royal Countdown

Since I discovered that I had read 54 (54, seriously?!) royal books, I figured I could share my list of the Top Ten! Without further ado... The Royal Countdown! All the book covers plus a photo from The Tower of London of the British Crown jewels (I'm not that talented a photographer). Check it out, … Continue reading The Royal Countdown

The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

And with this post, I achieve the hat trick of royal book reviews!  The tic-tac-toe, if you will. The trifecta!  I never intended to write these three in a row.  But, I have read an awful lot of royal books and after reviewing RWRB by Casey McQuiston, Majesty by Katharine McGee, I would be remiss … Continue reading The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

Majesty by Katharine McGee

I never thought I'd be here writing this particular review. This book has been a complete surprise to me, for many reasons. Firstly, can you believe that I've read 54 books that I would classify as "royalty?" When I finished this book, I thought it would be useful to have a dedicated Goodreads shelf for … Continue reading Majesty by Katharine McGee

Red White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Best book of 2019!! Let me lay the scene for you:   My birthday, 2019.   My present from Mr. Librarian: as many books as I want.   The locale:  Politics and Prose in Washington DC.   Truthfully, I’m not one to just buy books.  I’m only able to support my serious reading habit by checking out all the … Continue reading Red White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Bookish Travels: Italy 2006

This is how it all began.   Ah… remember those days when we were not only allowed to leave the house, but in fact travel to regions hither-to-for unknown to us.   I take us back to many, many moons ago, when Mr. Librarian and I went on our first overseas trip together.  We had just gotten … Continue reading Bookish Travels: Italy 2006

Happiness for Beginners by Katherine Center

(Left: Original Cover, Right: New Cover - releasing in Sept 2020) Wow.  What a beautiful story. I loved it so much that it got one of my elusive 5-star ratings on Goodreads.   Side note: I should probably, at some point, explain my Goodreads rating system, but suffice it to say that in order to receive … Continue reading Happiness for Beginners by Katherine Center

An ode to… Gail Carriger

A Finishing School where the ladies become spies? An organization of like-minded humans, supernaturals and metanaturals defending the innocent and wearing only the most fashionable accessories at the same time? A ladybug painted dirigible that travels the world searching for and protecting new supernaturals unheard about in the British Empire? Ah, yes. An ode to … Continue reading An ode to… Gail Carriger

The Folk of the Air by Holly Black

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones but sometimes wish there was a little less incest, rape, and violence?  Well, have I got a trilogy for you. Except for the violence part. Hard to get away from the violence if you’re looking for something similar to GoT. The Folk of the Air: The Cruel … Continue reading The Folk of the Air by Holly Black

Carry On and Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell

Do you ever have one of those books where you totally love it and you have no idea why?  When your friends ask you for a recommendation and you want to tell them about it, but you sort of stutter and are like, “yeah it’s amazing” but can't follow up with any explanation? That’s how … Continue reading Carry On and Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell